The Winter King Covers

With all the editions of this book now available, it seems like time to do a comparison of cover art...especially since I got to design the cover art for the newer editions.

SabazelCreateSpace Print Edition:

As with the new covers of Sabazel, I'm still using the Alexander mosaic, but with different bits of the battle scene. With a horse's rear end appearing prominently in the middle of the mosaic, I had to do some editing!


eBook Edition

Sabazel Author's Guild Another portion of the Alexander mosaic makes up the new Back-in-Print cover--this shows the Persian king, Darius, realizing Alexander has won the battle. But you can always extrapolate this image into one of the battle scenes in the book.

June 2000
ISBN 0-595-09444-9

Sabazel MMPBI like the original cover of The Winter King, all muscular action. Fortunately I saw an earlier sketch, where Andrion was depicted holding the star-shield of Sabazel, in time to get Steven Hickman to paint in a generic shield instead. But the image of Andrion carrying the shield stayed with me and led to a major incident in the next book, Shadow Dancers..

October 1986
Ace Books
ISBN 0-441-89443-7

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