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  • Short Stories

    All these stories except for "The Avalon Psalter" are available in two collections:

    • Along the Rim of Time, CreateSpace ISBN-13: 978-1475164947
    • The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery, and Myth, Delphi Books, 978-0-9765185-5-6
    "The Borders of Sabazel" in Amazons II (1982), DAW Books, ISBN 0-879-97736-1

    "The Rim of the Wheel" in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, (February 1984) collected in Isaac  Asimov’s Fantasy!, (1985), Dial, ISBN 0-385-23017-6 (reprinted 1989 Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-05499-4)

    "From the Labyrinth of Night" in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (August 1984)

    "Upon This Shoal of Time" in Amazing Stories (March 1985)

    "The King Under the Water", Borderland, Artimus Publications, Markham, Ontario. (1985)

    "Where Is Thy Victory?" in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (November 1985)

    "Pleasure Palace" in Amazing Stories, (November 1986) Nominated for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award

    "Out of Darkness" in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (April 1987), collected in Sea Serpents!  (1989), Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-75682-4

    "The Blood of the Lamb" in The Time of the Vampires, (1996) DAW ISBN 0-88677-693-7. And, (2004),  iBooks Inc., ISBN 0-743-48733-8

    "The Test of Gold" in Alternate Generals (1998) Baen Books, ISBN 0-671-87886-7

    Along the Rim of Time (2000) Writers Club Press ISBN 0-595-09333-7 (Collection of short fiction,  including a previously unpublished story, "Wild Honey")

    "Cold As Fire" in Murder Most Medieval: Noble Tales of Ignoble Demises (2000), Cumberland House  Publishing, ISBN 1-581-82087-9
    "The Muse" in Realms of Fantasy (February 2002)

    "A Rose With All Its Thorns" in Past Lives, Present Tense (2002) Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-00904-2

    "The Eye of the Beholder" in Death by Horoscope, (2003), Carroll & Graf, ISBN 0-786-71153-1, Reprinted  in The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories III (2002), Forge Books, ISBN 0-765-30235-7

    "A Mimicry of Mockingbirds" in White House Pet Detectives: Tales of Crime and Mystery at the White  House from a Pet's Eye View (2002), Cumberland House Publishing, ISBN 1-581-82243-X. Reprinted in  The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories IV (2003), Forge Books, ISBN 0-765-30848-7

    "The Rag and Bone Man" in Murder Most Catholic: Divine Tales of Profane Crimes (2002), Cumberland  House Publishing, ISBN 1-581-82260-X

    "A Dish of Poison" in Much Ado About Murder (2002), Berkley Publishing, ISBN 0-425-18650-4

    "Sardines for Tea" in Kittens, Cats and Crimes (2003), Five Star Mystery Series, ISBN 0-786-25032-1

    "A Stake of Holly" in Death by Dickens (2004), Berkley Prime Crime, ISBN 0-425-19947-9

    "The Necromancer's Apprentice" in Murder By Magic (2004), Aspect, ISBN 0-446-67962-3. Reprinted in  The Adventure of the Missing Detective and 25 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, (2005)  Carroll & Graf, ISBN 0-786-71643-6

    "Way Down in Egypt's Land" in Thou Shalt Not Kill (2005), Carroll & Graf, ISBN 0-786-71575-8

    "Over the Sea from Skye" in Alternate Generals III (2005), Baen Books, ISBN 0-743-49897-6

    “The Diamonds of Golkonda”, Cross Plains Universe, limited edition MonkeyBrains Press/World Fantasy  conference, (November 2006) ISBN 978-1-932265-22-4.

    The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery, and Myth (2007) Delphi Books. ISBN 978-0-9765185-5-6

    "The Avalon Psalter" in The Dimension Next Door (2008). Daw Books. ISBN 978-0-7564-0509-0.

    "An Offer You Couldn't Refuse" (written with Sylvia Kelso), in Love and Rockets, 2010, Daw Books. ISBN 978-0-7564-0650-9

  • Novels


    Time Enough to Die, October 2002, Wildside Press, ISBN 1-587-15294-0, Hardcover; February 2006, Wildside Press, ISBN 1-59224-981-7, Paperback

    Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron mystery series
    The Secret Portrait
    , April 2005, Five Star Publishing, ISBN 1-594-14307-2, Hardcover; November 2006, Wildside Press, ISBN 1-55742-923-5, Trade Paperback; Worldwide Library ISBN-13 978-0-373-26637-1 MMPB
    The Murder Hole, August 2006, Five Star Publishing, ISBN 1-59414-480-X, Hardcover; 1-4344-0656-3 Trade Paperback; Worldwide Library ISBN-13 978-0-373-26775-0 MMPB
    The Burning Glass, September 2007, Five Star Publishing, Hardcover, ISBN-10 1-594-14591-1, ISBN-13 978-1-594-14591-9; 1-4344-0655-5 Trade Paperback; Worldwide Library ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26802-3 MMPB
    The Charm Stone, November 2009, Five Star Publishing,hardcover, ISBN-10 1-59414-770-1, ISBN 13-978-1-59414-770-8; Wildside Press TPB ISBN 978-14344-3100-4; Worldwide Mystery Book Club, June 2013. ISBN: 978-0-373-26853-5
    The Blue Hackle, November 2010, Five Star Publishing,hardcover, ISBN-10 1-59414-922-1, ISBN-13 978-1-59414-922-1; Wildside trade paperback, 2012, ISBN-13 978-1-4344-4122-5; Worldwide Mystery Book Club, September 2013, 978-0-373-26864-1
    The Mortsafe, December 2011, CreateSpace, paperback, ISBN-10: 1468134639, ISBN-13: 978-1468134636
    The Avalon Chanter, January 2014, Five Star Publishing, hardcover, ISBN-13 978-1-4328-2804-2; Worldwide Mystery Book Club ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-373-26968-6


    Ashes to Ashes series
    Ashes to Ashes, November 1990, Diamond Charter; June 2000,, ISBN 0-595-09448-1; May 2011, CreateSpace, ISBN-13: 978-1461079828, ISBN-10: 1461079829
    Dust to Dust, August 1991, Diamond Charter, ISBN 1-557-73547-6; January 2000,, ISBN 0-595-09446-5; May 2011, Createspace, ISBN-13: 978-1461106920, ISBN-10: 1461106923
    Garden of Thorns
    , October 1992, Diamond Charter, ISBN 1-557-73800-9; June 2000,, ISBN 0-595-09447-3; Garden of Thorns. May 2011, Createspace, ISBN-13: 978-1461135579, ISBN-10: 1461135575

    Standalone Books

    Memory and Desire, February 2002 (reprint), November 2000, Wildside Press Paperback, ISBN 1-587-15268-1
    Shadows in Scarlet,
    June 2001, Wildside Press, ISBN 1587153750, Hardcover; January 2006, Wildside Press, ISBN 0-809-55661-8
    Blackness Tower, March 2008, Juno Books, ISBN 0-809-57202-8/978-0-809-57202-1


    Lucifer's Crown, September 2003, Five Star Hardcover, ISBN 0-786-25348-7; Five Star Trade, ISBN 1-410-40193-6


    Sabazel heroic fantasy series
    Sabazel, February 1985, Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-74522-9; June 2000,, ISBN 0-595-09445-7; June 2011, CreateSpace, ISBN-13:
    978-1461154310, ISBN-10: 1461154316
    The Winter King
    , October 1986, Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-89443-7; June 2000,, ISBN 0-595-09444-9; June 2011, CreateSpace, ISBN-13:
    978-1463575014, ISBN-10: 1463575017
    Shadow Dancers, November 1987, Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-75988-2; December 2000,, ISBN 0-595-15149-3; June 2011, CreateSpace ISBN-13: 978-1463585464, ISBN-10: 1463585462
    Wings of Power, April 1989, Ace Books, ISBN 0-441-85549-0 June 2001,, ISBN 0-595-18800-1; June 2011, CreateSpace, ISBN-13: 978-1463588656, ISBN-10: 1463588658


    The Vorkosigan Companion, December 2008, Baen Books, Hardcover ISBN1-4165-5603-6; mass-market paperback, 2010, ISBN 978-1-4391-3379-8

    "It was Gorilla Warfare to Some Students," Smithsonian Magazine, June 1982, reprinted in Readers as Writers, Holt, Rinehart, Winston 1986
    "The Roots of Fantasy," Empire, 1985
    "Pandering, Evasions, and Target Practice" (co-author), Amazing Stories, January 1989
    "Scotch Mist," Mystery Scene, October 1990
    "Re-Writing Your Career," Novelists' Ink, June 1995
    "Through Darkest Adolescence with Lois McMaster Bujold, or Thank You, But I already Have a Life," Dreamweaver's Dilemma, 1995
    "Print-on-Demand Publishing:  Hope or Hype," Novelists' Ink, December 2000
    "Blending Imagation and Reality in Fort Worth," Mystery Readers Journal, Winter 2000
    "Location, Location, Location,", October 2001

    "Building Chracters," Writing Exciting series, Timberwolf Press 2002, winner of the Golden Headset Award, 2003
    "Plotting and Planning," Writing Exciting series, Timberwolf Press 2002
    (Both are recorded seminars, with three other authors)

    "Dorothy's Dreadful Dinner," A Second Helping of Murder, Poisoned Pen Press 2003
    "Writing a Spiritual Thriller," Mystery Reader's Journal, Spring 2004
    "Life is Brief, Art is Long," Mystery Reader's Journal, Spring 2005
    "Nessie on the Half-Shell," Mystery Scene, Fall 2007
    "A Chapel of Un-ease in Scotland" in Mystery Scene (Fall 2007)
    "A Scandal in Academia," Mystery Reader's Journal, Fall 2007
    "Be-mused by the Past," Mystery Reader's Journal (Spring 2008)
    "Things That Go Bump in the Night," Mystery Reader's Journal (Summer 2010)
    "Over the Sea to Skye," Mystery Reader's Journal (Fall 2010)
    “The Foggy Dew,” Mystery Readers Journal (Summer 2014)

    “The Deadly Flower of Scotland,” Mystery Readers Journal (Fall 2015)

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